Love.Peace.Touch. LLC - The Gift of Touch Catered To You!
I practice 100% Professional Therapeutic Massage.  I reserve the right to refuse service or terminate the session immediately to anyone who behaves inappropriately, or asks for anything other than therapeutic massage.
Client Intake/History Forms:
For any Swedish or other Full Body Modalities, a Client Intake/History Form is required to be completed PRIOR to your session, as there are some conditions that are contra-indications to Massage.  If you've had any recent injuries/surgeries you will need Doctor's approval PRIOR to Massage.
Any history or information shared with the therapist will remain strictly confidential.  Your information will not be shared with anyone, unless for continuity of medical care with your physician.
Payment for Service:
Payment is expected at time of service.  Presently, cash or corporate checks are the accepted forms of payment.
In-Home Massage:
Client must be known and already have had a previous session with Therapist or a referral from Doctor/Other Medical Professional prior to any in-home massage appointment.  Exceptions dependent on therapist's familiarity with the client. 
Cancellations/Respect for Time:
Any circumstances delaying, distracting, or interrupting the session not caused by therapist will result in either a shortened or cancelled session.  As a courtesy to the therapist as well as other clients, please provide 24-hours notice if you have to cancel or re-schedule your appointment.  Understanding that last minute situations happen, if this amount of notice cannot be given, please provide a text or phone call either way.
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